Wara 1 – Ein Lesbenstich im Bums-Motel

Wara 1 – Ein Lesbenstich im Bums-Motel. Wara super 8mm vintage sex loop, with audio. Germany published. Wara Film & Ton GmbH. Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Girls, Mature, Hot Body, Busty, Living room Settings, Bedroom, Hairy Pussy, Lesbian Sex, Blowjob, Straight Sex. 

Dr. Notnagel, master of the secondary school, is regularly fucking one of his sweet school-girl In the fuck-motel. This time a jealous schoolmate of hers, likewise attractive, is watching the date. Enviously she immediately informs her girl-friend’s father, woh comes in great haste to take the desire—having a go with Dr. Notnagel —out of his daughter. How-ever, the daughter sets a trap for her father: she stages a lesbian play by two girls, who then do it to her watching father. On this occasion photos are taken and the father is powerless contrary to these pictures. He has to resign to his taughter. There are many sequences where people are fucking for the viewer, young girls, partly lesbian, single couples and several people, licking, masturbating and ejaculating. A movie with varied action and attractive quality of picture and sou rid.

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