Wara 3 – Die Zuckerdosen vom Bums-Motel

Wara 3 – Die Zuckerdosen vom Bums-Motel. Wara Film & Ton GmbH. 100 meter. Super 8 color. Germany published. Classic, 8mm Film, Hotel Settings, Sexy Girls, Mature, Blonde, Brunette, Hot Body, Skinny, Busty, Big Tits, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Lesbian Sex, Straight. With audio. 

In the fuck-motel there are rooms with service. The smart, attractive girls are serving, polishing, blowing, masturbating and fulfill the guests every need, as their service is wall-known. One customer, for ex-ample wants to got the sugar in a very special way: the chamber-maid has to put the lump sugar right into her thing, so he can taste the breakfast Is satisfies both during breakfast in bed. (A real recommendation for the holidays!) The lascivious boots of the motel also profits by the hot women. The police officer of the village shows activity, because of the immoral event in the motel. He makes for the fuck-motel and is raped by the whole female staff. Hot girls, hot movie, excellent sound.

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